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PEK transmission parts Co.Ltd

PEK transmission parts Co.Ltd is a Chinese joint venture technically supported by Italy’s LoLong Company. Our company specializes in the production of linear guide drive system, ball screw, precision worktable, high precision spindle and precision rack and pinion.

The series products of PEK linear- drive system are widely used in machine tools, automobiles, rubber, packaging, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical devices and other industries with electronic control machines. All the products have passed the certification of both SGS and CE.
The company, with a professional team, has established a perfect technical service system, and strictly controlled all links in the whole process of incoming materials, processing, debugging, testing, packaging and shipping to ensure the performance, quality and delivery time of the products. With powerful resource network and decades of professional experience, we can directly select and analyze high-quality products for customers, effectively reducing the cost for customers.

PEK Product Advantages:

Strong interchangeability, high precision, high life-span characteristics. All the products have reached H level or above, with straightness within 0.002 micron, combination height within 0.003 micron, equipment straightness within 0.01 filament.


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